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Dr. Denise D'Angelo, (AKA Denise D'Angelo Jones),  is a 24/7 caregiver of a family member with dementia. She started, "Caregivers Get Fit" blog,  to share her journey, and the journey of others who have been touched by dementia. "Caregivers Get Fit," is about having healthy levels of mental, physical and spiritual balance, (ie: developing a skill set of understanding through education to avoid "burnout," while gaining a deep awareness of present time consciousness, compassion and love), while caring for a family member with dementia. The journey can be difficult, and Dr. D'Angelo is always searching for ways to make the path less difficult through loving communication between both parties, so that moments of oneness, heartfelt connections, and deep insight can be found.

 Dr. Denise D'Angelo graduated from Life University in 1996. She is a board certified doctor of chiropractic,  a certified personal trainer, a certified sport's nutritionist and wellness coach/ business development manager, with Isagenix International,(www.caregiversgetfit.isagenix.com), specializing in helping caregiver's with weight loss, energy and performance and healthy aging.

Dr. D'Angelo has been a personal chef to high profile clients such as the late choreographer Agnes DeMille, and has been flown to personal estates and movie sets to give wellness/chiropractic consults to some very high profile musicians,  movie actors and film producers. Dr. D'Angelo has lectured at major university dance, drama and music departments on the subject of, "Performance Anxiety." 

Before becoming a doctor, Denise D'Angelo Jones had a background in animal training, theater, and musical composition. She was mentored by William Berloni, the dog trainer for "Sandy," in the Broadway musical, "Annie," of how to use positive reinforcement with dogs, (offering them love, and understanding) to perform for stage and screen productions. She learned valuable insights in non-verbal communication from being a dog trainer/handler on Broadway. Denise D'Angelo Jones also worked as a musician for many years in NYC, doing club dates as a singer at the Waldorf Astoria, the Pierre, the Plaza, World Yacht Cruises and the United Nations to name a few. Her choral compositions have been performed by community choirs all over the country, and her composition, "The Arrow and the Song." was recently nominated for an award by the Sister Singers Network in Chicago.  Denise also worked for Hospital Audiences, performing at many psychiatric facilities in New York, and New Jersey. (In her early years in NYC, she had odd jobs as a waitress,  an office temp. receptionist and bartender where she worked with then unknowns, Golden Globe winning actress Camryn Manheim, and Academy Award Winning Screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin.)

  Dr. D'Angelo has been a community wellness volunteer for the aging for many years, and continues to give wellness lectures and musical entertainment to the elderly in assisted living homes and senior centers.
Dr. D'Angelo has been a regular attendee of Validation Therapy workshops taught by Naomi Feil, MSW, Dementia seminars with Teepa Snow, M.S., O.T. at Brenau University and recently completed the 5 week course of studies by the Johns Hopkins University Department of Nursing called, "Living With Dementia." In November 2015, Dr. D'Angelo was nominated as "The Northeast Georgia Caregiver of the Year," by the Rosalynn Carter  Institute for Caregiving and continues to be an advocate for mental health issues and elder caregiving communication issues.

  Currently, Dr. D'Angelo is a 24/7 family caregiver, a home schooling mother, an undiscovered writer finishing her first ever Sci-fi novel and is also a part-time student taking post doctoral studies online in functional medicine and clinical nutrition. Dr. D'Angelo's focus and heartfelt passion is in the area of dementia communication, elder wellness, holistic elder care-partnering and nutritional gerontology.

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