Thursday, July 16, 2020

We Are Back Blogging, Let's Catch up!


We Are Back Blogging, Let's Catch up!

  Friends of Caregiver's Get Fit. Hello out there! Hope you all are doing well amidst our current global challenges. If there has ever been a need for caregiving and caregivers it is now. Sending love and blessings to all of you for all that you do!!

  Firstly, forgive me if in the past I haven't responded to comments. I am not technically inclined, not sure we even had the button on- and because of the amount of time needed to care for my mother while she was here - I just felt I didn't have the time to respond. I now know I ought to have, so forgive me for that. Also, as you may recognize, I haven't added content in quite some time. (That is quite the understatement since it has been two years. Gulp!)

   Here is the timeline of events, to update you. I stopped writing after "A Caregiver Needing a Caregiver," I think. So here is what happened. Mom deeply longed to see the ocean again and had her favorite timeshare in Florida that she longed to go to.  At the time I was still healing from my broken leg, but by that time was in a walking boot - so I was delighted to finally be able to walk and to drive her to Florida.

 What I had very little preparation for was something that was SHOCKING to discover. There I was, the total geek of the century reading everything I could about dementia, dementia caregiving, etc. and I missed a call, (meaning a prediction of a possibility.)  So here it is. . . . . . . .  after checking into the timeshare in Florida we had a very nice evening. I cooked, we all ate and my mother seemed fine. The next day family came and we had a wonderful visit, one of my sister's even brought my mother's favorite potato salad. We sat out on the veranda watching the waves. Mom was so happy to see the ocean. I noticed something funny (PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS FAMILY CAREGIVERS), my mother was leaning. She seemed unable to sit in a chair without leaning. She looked like a bobbing doll, kind of like the inflatable punching bags which are filled with sand for stability. So, as mom sat- I stuffed pillows everywhere to keep her propped up. Then, out of the blue - the next day my mother forgot how to walk. Not only that - she couldn't sit up on her own, either. And my mother never walked again. This began a year of being bed-ridden and a year and a month later, my mother passed away in my home.

    There are many, many things I can share with you about the end of life experience. However, it has been over a year and I am just now able to even visit this blog. No, it wasn't a horrible experience as they say, at least not for us.  I wouldn't ever change anything with regards to having mom at home with us until the very end. It was quite beautiful and profound. Something I will never forget. However, there are practical matters, such as hospice. By the way, we used a company called Kindred Hospice here in Georgia and they were fabulous! We were able have their services for a year, and having extra hands to help our mother stay comfortable and loved was quite a blessing. 

    So, what I have been doing has been taking care of myself. I questioned why the pounds- after diet and exercise weren't falling off as quickly as they should. My labs looked good at the doctor's office and then I had an inkling to just monitor my blood sugar levels every day.  I bought a fancy wrist monitor that does everything but mow the lawn even an ECG. (Crazy!) But since most of us caregivers can struggle with weight I intuitively thought I ought to check on how insulin was being regulated by using a daily monitor. (Yes, I stick myself.) My goal is to keep my numbers below 100. Well, since I've been doing this just before breakfast and exercising along with intermittent fasting, the weight has been falling off and I have my energy back. My numbers look good, too. I've chosen to go on a veggie version of a ketogenic diet. You could call it paleo oriented - but organic veggies win every time in my book. More on this later.

   Y'all I've got to run.  This picture above is of me drinking my Matcha. I will work hard to add content at least once a week if not twice a week. I will leave you with this: GET and STAY Healthy now!  Use this time to get into the best shape of your life.  You don't need to go to the gym. Exercise by briskly walking throughout your neighborhood, etc. IF we can all stay healthy enough, COVID-19 will not have as much of a hold on us. 

   Oh, by the way.  I have a new book out called, "Spanish Influenza: Nineteen Days in 1919." Go to my website to see more at: to find out more.  Blessings to all!!! Denise

Positive Communication methods for people living with dementia:  We recommend seminars by Teepa Snow,M.S., OTR/L.FAOTA, Naomi Feil, MSW,, and her books, all of them. And the life changing, ground breaking books, "Contented Dementia," by Dr. Oliver James, "The Mindful Caregiver," by Nancy L. Kriseman, and "Deeper Into The Soul," by Nader Robert Shabahangi, Ph.D, and Bogna Szymkiewicz, Ph.D

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We Are Back Blogging, Let's Catch up!

          We Are Back Blogging, Let's Catch up!   Friends of Caregiver's Get Fit. Hello out there! Hope you all are doing well amids...