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Caregiving Mom Earns More Than Six Figures Working From Home!

She never knew it was possible, way back when when the economy tanked, and Jennifer (not her real name),  a self employed consultant, received another foreclosure notice (her 12th), on her dream home that she built just a few short years ago.  What was she going to do???  Her business was so slow, she had to close it, and she had a son with special medical needs, along with 6 other children. So, working outside of the home was not even a consideration. However, Jennifer was desperate, and her family was hungry.  Her husband's two jobs did not cover what was needed to pay the mortgage, the household bills, their son's medical bills, and their need to save for retirement.  During her job interviews for 9-5 positions, Jennifer would always get, "We think your resume is impressive, but you may be overqualified for what we are looking for and could offer you."  In other words, what wasn't being said was, "We want to hire someone younger than you!" Soon, Jennifer and her family had to go on medicaid, and they found themselves eating expired 2 for 1 discount grocery specials. When it was time that year to buy school supplies and new shoes for her son, Jennifer found herself one day sobbing in the parking lot of a mall, praying to God to lift her out of poverty and into prosperity so that she could provide for her family and live an abundant life.

   How many times does poverty happen to good people in the U.S.,  who want to help their loved ones, and want to care for them in their homes, rather than sending them to institutions for care????  Statistics from AARP, The Alzheimers Association, and varied independent studies state the following with regards to the economic impact that caregivers in the U.S. face today:  Caregiver services were valued at $450 billion per year in 2009- up from $375 billion in year 2007. And the stats are climbing higher and higher every year. 52 million caregivers provide care to adults (aged 18+) with a disability or illness. 43.5 million of adult family caregivers care for someone 50+ years of age and 14.9 million care for someone who has Alzheimer's disease or other dementia. Parent care continues to be the primary caregiving situation for mid-life caregivers with 70% of the caregivers between the ages of 50 and 64. In 2010, 14.9 million families and other unpaid caregivers of people with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias provided about 17 billion hours of unpaid care. This represents an average of 21.9 hours of caregiving per week, or 1,139 hours of care per caregiver valued annually at $11.93 per hour- an estimated $202.6 billion in 2010. And now in 2015, the numbers have increased and will keep on increasing as more and more people are diagnosed with one of the dementias.  Caring for persons with dementia is reported to impact a person's immune system for up to 3 years after their caregiving experience ends, thus increasing their chances of developing a chronic illness themselves. Reports show there is a correlation between a caregiver's health and income. Of caregivers with less than $30,000 in household income, 34% report fair or poor health as compared with 3% of caregivers with $100,000 or more. The same pattern is also found with a caregiver's level of education.

  Jennifer stopped looking for a 9-5 job, and decided to look into a way to make money working from home.  She researched working from home opportunities and found a direct marketing company that specialized in training stay at home mothers with no experience , to have the tools needed to thrive in network marketing by consuming and promoting weight loss, wellness and healthy aging products from her computer. Today in 2015, Network Marketing is a 167billion dollar industry, and "NO, THIS IS NOT THE SAME THING AS A PYRAMID MARKETING SCHEME!!"  There are hundreds of legitimate companies out there which are international companies.  And statistics have proven that 80% of women in the  U.S. working force who are making $100,000, or more are " stay at home moms,"  who are working in network marketing.

Jennifer saw the potential of the opportunity, took action, worked hard, made over $100,000.00 her first year and is now making a multiple six figure income.  And although, this isn't typical for everyone who is involved in network marketing, or for that matter,  the particular company that Jennifer works for,  it is very possible for some. It just depends on the amount of work, time, etc. Like anything else. And this type of work isn't for everyone, only people who are interested in putting some time in for a residual cash flow. Some people have no interest in this type of business model, and others do this and are not as successful as they attempted to be when they first started out. So there is no, "get rich quick," promise here, but since network marketing is a 167 billion dollar industry, it may be an important income generating opportunity for family caregivers.   

  A majority of  family caregivers today are unpaid caregivers who have left their jobs, and given up their incomes to care for their loved ones. These caregivers could benefit greatly from learning more about the benefits of network marketing. Lori, (see other blog posts), currently works in network marketing.  She is able to work from her computer while her mother who has dementia and needs 24/7 care, takes her naps. This financial opportunity has been an incredible blessing for Lori who is able to work less than 10 hours a week from her computer, while making a residual income which will soon surpass her 9-5 salary as a health care professional. 

  There are many international network marketing companies out there which are profitable, reputable and successful. If interested in finding information on the network marketing company that Lori and Jennifer would recommend, click links and watch these videos:
Discover the missing link to amazing health!
Discover the missing link to amazing health!

References for stats on Caregiving above:

Positive Communication methods for people living with dementia:  We recommend seminars by Teepa Snow,M.S., OTR/L.FAOTA, Naomi Feil, MSW,, and her books, all of them. And the life changing, ground breaking books, "Contented Dementia," by Dr. Oliver James, "The Mindful Caregiver," by Nancy L. Kriseman, and "Deeper Into The Soul," by Nader Robert Shabahangi, Ph.D, and Bogna Szymkiewicz, Ph.D

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