Monday, January 5, 2015

Squeaky White Cows Mooing

  Lori's mother was sleeping well through out the night.  And then it was time for church, and her mother awakened with expectant enthusiasm at 5:30AM. But shortly after her healthy Vitamin C and B Adaptogen health drink to start the day, she fell back to sleep, and didn't wake up until 3:30PM.  It was a rainy, cloudy and cold day. A fresh cherry pie and chicken dinner were both baking and roasting in the oven. The house was cozy. Lori's mother was sleeping in her  pink slippers under a soft, freshly laundered cotton comforter to the sounds of NFL game day cheers,  and did not want to be disturbed.

  So, at 3:30AM, the squeaky, mooing sounds began.  But this time it wasn't Lori's mother who was awakened, but Lori's husband and child.  The bathroom door "squeaked,"  the refrigerator "hummed," the dishwasher, "gurgled," and the dog, needing a pedicure would prance with her nails like a tail wagging tap dancer, on the wooden floors.  The train went by, and on occasion, a family of opossum would play tag on the roof.  As the full moon shined, lighting up the front and back yard which was filled with trees, a silhouette of shadows danced on the walls. Lori, could not sleep, and was now the guilty one, of wandering from the hallway into the kitchen for a cool glass of water, like a zombie with sandpaper shoes on her feet!

 And so Lori walked ever so gingerly, and just when she started up the stairs, the landing made a loud, "Squeak, squeak!"  "Is that you Lori?" It was Lori's mother.  Lori herself was guilty of waking up her mom! "I knew, it, I knew it," said Lori's mother with the enthusiasm of a child. "You saw it, too didn't you, Lori?"  Lori turned around just in time to see her mother in the living room looking out the window. "Oh it was loud, that is for sure, and it came right up to the window in the moonlight, so scared and lost." "Well, I just felt so bad, but I didn't dare to go outside, Lori, so I just watched it and heard it crying!"

Her mother was now shaking her head, but appeared to be delighted to share her adventure with her daughter. "What did you see, mother?"  Lori was curious.  "The cow, Lori." "What did the cow look like?" Lori was asking questions before redirecting her mother back to bed. "She was all white Lori, all white and she was lost and sad because she couldn't find her mother."  "Oh mother, that sounds so sad. She couldn't find her mother, and she was lost in the woods?" "Yes, Lori," her mother said, with even more enthusiasm."Let's try to find her, because she can't be far." So, Lori and her mother looked out of all of the windows on the main floor, but no cow was found. "Shhhhh. . . . . ," Lori's mother wanted them to be quiet. "I don't hear her now, but oh, she was crying and crying." "She was crying and crying mother?" Lori was asking specific questions and her mother was becoming more and more animated. "What did her crying sound like, mother?"

Then her mother started imitating the cry with "mooing," sounds. Lori quickly closed her bedroom door so that her husband wouldn't wake up from the loud, "mooing," sounds coming from the living room. "That is quite a cry mother, no wonder you woke up from that."  "Where do you suppose the white little cow is now?"  "I think she must have found her mother, Lori." Lori's mother was now yawning.  "Lori, we don't need to worry about that cow, especially since it has found it's mother. Let's go to bed, okay?"  So, Lori tucked her mother into bed.  And her mother slept through the night.

An important realization that Lori had was that dreams and even hallucinations have value to a person suffering from dementia.  With a holistic awareness, (rather than finding annoyance and inconvenience with late night interactions), Lori found the lost cow yearning for it's mother,  to be a direct parallel with her own mother's journey to be reunited with her mother and deceased loved ones. Lori's mother had been talking more and more about her deep love and longing for her mother, Lori's grandmother, for over 3 weeks. She told Lori that she misses her mother and her mother's family the most.

 Lori, sitting with her mother on the back porch during the day, looking up at the clouds asked her mother, "What are you going to say, one day when you see your mother again?" "Oh Lori, I do hope I will see her again," said Lori's mother. "When I see my mother I will tell her that I love her, that I have missed her so much, and that I am so happy to be with her again!" Lori, looking up at the clouds, said a silent prayer of "thanks," to God for giving her these precious moments with her mother of sharing, of listening and of being able to walk this sacred journey with her. "You know mother, I think grandmother's sisters and brothers will be with her too,  when you see her, and do you know what I think they will say to you?" Her mother looked puzzled, but serene. And with a relaxed grin, she looked at Lori and said, "What will they say Lori?" "Mother, I think they will say, "Welcome home,"  and "Thank you for a life, well lived, we missed you too." Then they would say, " Now that we are together again, it's time to eat. So, let's  eat!!"  Lori's mother let out a huge laugh and said, "And my mother will offer me some cherry pie, I suppose?"  "Yes mother, cherry pie, and Grandpa's German apple strudel and lebkuchen cookies!"  Lori's mother was still laughing and shaking her shoulders when she looked up at the clouds. Then, tilting her head back with her neck resting on the  lawn chair,  she closed her eyes and with a smile on her face, she fell asleep.

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