Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Grandma's Kool-aid And Toxicity

I must have been 6 years old, and my grandmother (in my opinion as a youngster), made the best orange kool-aid on the planet.(Alright, I know kool-aid doesn't make the top of everyone's list when it comes to healthy beverages, but as a little kid in the 1960's, kool-aid was my favorite drink!)

 I watched grandma make kool-aid once, and found that it wasn't the kool-aid at all that I liked so much, but the water she was using from her well.Whenever we had family gatherings we would gulp down grandma's tasty well water which was filled with rich minerals from the earth that had a delicious, taste of it's own.

 One day, upon arrival at my grandparent's house,  I took a big swig of water and immediately spit it out. It had a plastic, chemical flavor. "Grandma, what happened to your water?" ( I was in shock, "Yuck!" I thought while crinkling up my nose.) "Our water now has fluoride in it so we can have healthy teeth," was my grandmother's reply.

 I was ticked off. This didn't make sense to me. The pure flavor of the water was gone forever,  and my grandmother's water tasted like chemicals. "How could that be good for us,  I thought as a 6 year old?" And I was right. Fluoride is a toxin, and it's use in our water supply as forced medication against dental caries has been controversial for years,  causing many countries around the world to ban water fluoridation due to health concerns. (See fluoride.mercola.com for more information on the dangers of fluoride.)

 Regardless of where you stand on the question of fluoride in water and toothpaste, or whether you brush your teeth at all,  the fact remains that we as human beings are swimming, LITERALLY SWIMMING in a sea of toxins. (Toxins in our food, toxins in the air, toxins in our water, in our shoes, cars, homes, paint, in our children's toys, in drugs, in the plants and animals we eat, and even toxins in our tissues, bones, cells, brains and entire bodies!!) Toxins are EVERYWHERE!!!  These toxins, man-made and organic,  build up in our bodies over time and can lead to disease and even death.And these toxins aren't going away, they are here to stay growing in numbers more and more every day!!

What can be done about these uninvited environmental invaders to preserve a healthy life?  Three things: 1) Reduce chemical, physical and emotional stress. 2) Detoxification  through exercise, perspiration and intermittent fasting 3) Healthy nutrition to balance the gut flora, maintain alkalinity and reduce inflammation.  Although nothing is full proof, practicing all three of the above will raise immunity, detoxify the system and increase the functional capacity of the body to preserve health.

Chiropractic, massage, meditation, yoga and acupuncture are excellent ways to reduce chemical, physical and emotional stress. Cardiovascular exercises such as cycling, race walking, elliptical work and rebounding are great ways to raise the body temperature to detoxify through perspiration. And some cultures, for thousands of years have used saunas to detoxify, but some cardiologists today have cautioned against sauna use in individuals with high blood pressure, or heart disease. Intermittent Fasting in the form of cellular cleansing is fasting that is supported by proper nutritional intake. This system can be found at: www.caregiversgetfit.isagenix.com  Watch the video called: "Are You Toxic?"

Through proactive lifestyle choices, we can become best equipped to handle the negative consequences of living in a toxic world to embrace health and longevity.

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